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How to Keep Mobile Phone Safe from Hackers

How to Keep Mobile Phone Safe from Hackers

Mobile phones have become an integral part of modern life facilitating not only conversing with others but also various other activities. Especially the advent of smartphones has made it possible to carry out a lot of web-based activities. People find it easier to perform various activities when they are on the go. As the use of smartphones and carrying out all activities with such devices is rising consistently the threat of hacking is also growing simultaneously.

The growing threat of Hacking of Phones

However, the rapid rise of information technologies has also resulted in criminal activities like hacking of the phone by hackers.  Hackers take away all the vital personal information of the user causing him or her substantial financial loss among others when such hackers that can access the phone owner’s person’s banking and other information. Hacking of smartphones is similar to the robbing of a house and the robbers parting with all valuable possession of the owner of the phone.

Why Prevention of Hacking is Important     

Prevention of hacking is extremely important for the owners of smartphones. Hacking not only invades the privacy of the owner but also enables the hacker to use personal and secret information causing the owner financial harm. The hacker can trace the activities like accessing your bank account and password and within minutes you can be deprived of all your hard-earned money deposited in your bank account. Also; the hacker can also use the information for various other unlawful activities putting your safety and reputation at stake. It is therefore necessary that you take adequate precautions for preventing your phone from hacking.

Steps to Prevent Smartphone Hacking

Below we provide the information on preventing smartphone hacking. Some of the most important steps are as follows.

  • Keep your operating system and other apps updated;
  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi as the threat of hacking is greater in such use;
  • Do not share your information on social networking media;
  • Keep your phone locked when you are not using it;
  • Do not download new apps without verification of their authenticity;
  • Do not reveal your phone details and other personal information to others; and
  • Do not allow unknown people to use your smartphone.

Why Updating is Important

It is necessary to tackle technological attacks with technologies and that is the reason for keeping the operating systems and other apps used in the smartphone. Updated software contains many security features that can keep the hackers at bay by guarding the smartphone. Updated OS and apps protect the stealing of data and it is a good move updating the apps and operating system to prevent hacking.


Preventing the Dangers of Using Open Wi-Fi

While many countries have initiated public Wi-Fi systems in different locations for use by common people indiscriminate use of the Wi-Fi system can lead to hacking of your valuable data. That is why phone users have to be careful about the use of such systems except for routine works. It is always better turning off Wi-Fi on the mobile and user the private net connection system available in it. Conversely, you can use a VPN app to connect with the Internet with encrypted data. Since all VPN connection is not equally secure the user has to be careful about VPN app use. It may be necessary also the Bluetooth connection in the mobile phone to prevent intruders from interfering with the data stream.

Lock Cell Phone and Stay Safe

Securing the smartphone by locking with a strong password to open it can be safer as it prevents the thief or burglar or any other unauthorized intruders from opening it and misuse the same even when the phone is lost or stolen. Moreover, it will also ensure the safety of the personal information of the original owner from being hacked in such a case. Even better would be securing the phone with a fingerprint scanning or face ID where the phone can only be opened by the use of authenticated fingerprint or face of the owner matching for opening the device.

Don’t Share Your Number or Other Details

Just because an app prompts you to share your phone or other personal details you should not provide all the information as the app could be a hacker designed product to get your details and misuse them for personal benefits. Also, one of the best ways could be using trusted apps like Google Voice that can shield the phone number effectively from hackers. The use of such apps can provide a second line of defense against hackers.

Social Media Sharing Threats

Every Internet user uses social media sites for interacting with others and sharing views. Especially popular are Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin among others with millions of followers. However, over-sharing personal information by making them public can make them vulnerable to hacking of your account and use of your information by unscrupulous traders many of whom are overactive on social media sites. It is also good that sites like Facebook help maintain your privacy of information with their privacy setting tools. The best step for you would be avoiding social media networking sites only on the home computers and not on the smartphone.

Use of Dual Authentication System

While this is one of the security systems that can prevent hacking of the phone it is also a cumbersome procedure as it requires following an extra step in the process. You have to be extra attentive to understand the occasion where this system can be used but it is extra useful when the password of the owner is hacked.


Other ways of protecting your smartphone from hackers are the use of a built-in security system, the use of qualitative anti-virus software, and staying away from entertaining or answering spurious emails. Each of these steps is important for protecting your phone from being hacked. At the end of all these; the onus is on the user to be careful about the use of his or her phones conforming to the safety and security provisions recommended by the experts. Following such processes can help you keep your phone safe from hackers.

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